What come first; Thoughts or Emotions?


Today’s debate on my FB Fan page asks this profound question. We had a heated debate about this very subject at my Philosopher’s Club a few weeks ago where we ended up agreeing that, to our perception at least, a bit of both was happening.

For the most part I believe that thoughts are at the root of all feelings, however, there seemed to be occasions where emotions would well up so instantly no thought seemed to have been involved.

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5 responses to “What come first; Thoughts or Emotions?

  1. Aaaah a Philosophers Club, that sounds like the coolest group of people… And I agree with you Stu, for me it’s a bit of both and depending on the days of the month (you know what I mean!) though if I had to give it a percentage, I’d say 60-40, 60% of the time I get a feeling and then do some introspection to find out what it is and where it’s coming from and/or taking me…40% of the time I think about something and get so absorbed in it that suddenly I’ve associated feelings with it…more or less, as I said, it can change depending on the day of the month we’re talking about 🙂

  2. Interesting topic – one pregnant with enough gunpowder for spectacular fireworks.

    Thoughts or Emotions – why stop at these two? Any room for Instinct?

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