Are we ever too old to change?


Today’s debate over on my Facebook page considers this question.

So many people think that once they reach a certain age they should give up on their dreams. Life has passed them by, it’s too late, better just try and enjoy what you can while you can.

Hopefully that’s not you. It’s certainly not French actressย Emmanuelle Riva, who at 85 years old just won a BAFTA for leading actress. And there are as many stories as you want to read about people of all ages achieving lifelong dreams.

I’d love you to join the debate over at my Facebook page, so please go here to leave your comment.





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13 responses to “Are we ever too old to change?

  1. The status quo in our modern technopolis living is that there is no status quo. If you wish to be intellectually relevant you must adapt and go with the flow but it is wise to retain the old moral and work ethic values in an increasingly nihilistic world.

  2. Thanks Carl, I’m gonna take that as a ‘No, we’re never too old to change’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Correct. School teachers are recalcitrant about change to accommodate the levels and cultures of students esp in Miami – 80% minority/ immigrant. Because kids so far behind I changed. Did not give a hoot if they learned any history. I had to become a reading and writing teacher with some history as genre for basic skills.

  3. For me, age is a state of mind —-

  4. Well, considering that I am in my middle age and currently on plan D… no, not iompossible to change…. it becomes harder the older you get… but it also keeps you young…

    • In some ways Marthafied, it can be easier to change as we get older – depending on our circumstances obviously. It seems to lie mainly in the desire to make the effort. Certainly when we’re younger we have more energy. Thanks for the comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I totally agree Stu, we do not have to give up on our dreams as we grow older!

  6. My post today says, “Yes, I can change.” At least to small ones if our hearts are involved.

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