3 cheers for the multi-functional family.


It used to be the case that as a boy you would always have one less brother than your sisters, and your sisters would always have one less sister than you. That’s not the case any more. My own daughter is an only child, yet has two half brothers and a step sister.

This is commonly known as a dysfunctional family – even when it works!

I would like to re-term families like ours, that despite their unconventional structure, work just as well, and in many cases a lot better than, conventional ones. I would like to term them ‘Multi-Functional’ families.

Of course we have areas of friction, what family hasn’t? But we manage for the most part to work through them and make things work – we can ‘function’.

So let’s be proud of those families around us that have decided convention doesn’t work for them and allow them to embrace ‘multi-functionalism’. Let’s not judge families that are fractured because it won’t be long before we are the norm. And that’s not a sad state of our present society, it’s a positive reinforcer that families can exist in many ways – heck, The Brady Bunch worked it out!






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5 responses to “3 cheers for the multi-functional family.

  1. “Multi-functional” is a perfect description! I have a step-daughter (actually, x-step-daughter 🙂 ) And I wouldn’t trade her for anything! For me, she is a perfect gift from the Universe!

  2. Here here! What about multifunctional furry families? 😉

  3. I agree with you Stu. People do not understand how hard we multifunctional families work to make it work. Mine is wonderful. We have people tell us all the time that they cannot believe how well we all get along. It wasn’t easy but it is so worth it. 🙂

    • Absolutely! It wasn’t easy – but then, even normal families aren’t easy. We’re just a bunch of people trying to get along – and some of us are related! 🙂

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