Take the opportunity today to learn something new about someone close to you.


And before you start thinking about finding their diary I was kind of
aiming at finding out experiencially or conversationally. Use your
imagination. We’re rarely closer to someone than when we are in deep
intimate conversation with them. Having an honest and open discussion
about personal issues deepens understanding and tightens the bonds
bewteen us. This should be practised regularly, maybe you do. If you
don’t, now’s the time to get into the habit. Sometimes these
conversations can be a bit uncomfortable but they are always an
opportunity to improve your relationships.

What better day to do that than today?


The above is an excerpt from my book and coincidentally this week’s Confidence Reality Series Show #6 was all about this very subject. What I didn’t realise when I wrote this page was how deepening our relationships with people actually has a positive effect on our confidence. So, spend some time this holiday asking some real questions of those you spend time with. Some of the questions on the show were really insightful including:

Anna’s – How do you appreciate yourself?

Jase’ – Have you ever been broken?

Monica’s – What’s your passion?

Elaine’s – What are you reading at the moment?

And mine – What’s your ‘pick me up’ thought when you are down?

To listen to replays of the shows click here




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5 responses to “Take the opportunity today to learn something new about someone close to you.

  1. “deepening understanding ” ……… a yes to that 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Stu your are right it can be very difficult getting intimate in conversation with questions such as above. When done with those you trust it creates a very strong bond indeed.

  3. A question I love to ask all the time . . . “If I asked 10 people who know you, what ONE word they’d use to describe you, what would that word be?”

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