Take the opportunity today to start over afresh. The past has gone – let it go!


Letting Go seems to be a coincidence that I’ve noticed through some other blog posts I have visited today. Maybe it’s the time of year. So I thought I’d revisit a post from Dec last year as it seems relevant. Here’s what I posted back then, maybe it bares repeating…

At the risk of sounding pop psych – you can’t live in the past. It’s
unchangeable. You can’t influence anything that’s ‘already’ happened.
This is obvious right? It’s so easy though to rerun old tapes in our
minds of events that have hurt us, offended us, traumatised us. It’s a
way of justifying our feelings. We use it to convince ourselves that
someone else is to blame for…whatever! We convince ourselves that we
are scarred by those events – defined maybe by them. But we’re not!
It’s a choice. We can choose not to be scarred by them. Yeah it takes
quite a bit of effort depending on how hurt you believe you were. I’m
not suggesting that your pain at the time wasn’t valid – I’m sure it
was 100%. But that was then and this is NOW!

Let it go.

Accept what happened. Accept how it made you feel at the time. Then – let it go.

If you want a brighter future step out of the darkness of the past.

I’d like to add that it might not be as easy as saying it so try one of these techniques to help:

#1 Use The Sedona Method of 4 questions.

#2 Use the ‘Thanking’ process where you thank the person you hold resentment or anger for. Thank them for making you who you are today [strong, compassionate, loving etc.], when you really feel a sense of gratitude towards them for your positive personality traits you bring a new emotion into that space.

I hope these help.



PS: Hale Dwoskin of The Sedona Method graciously agreed to feature his 4 questions in my book – see Nov 1st if you have it or click the link above to see my post about it.

PPS: To buy a copy (or several copies for work colleagues!) and still qualify for enrolment into my 90 day ‘Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life‘ program at no cost (offer ends xmas ’12), click here

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9 responses to “Take the opportunity today to start over afresh. The past has gone – let it go!

  1. Smarty smarty ……………. There is Only NOW ……..:) AND THE NEXT now 🙂

    • YOU know that, and I know that, and Eckhart Tolle knows that – but sadly a lot of people live in the past. I know we’re both trying to shake as many as we can into the present moment. Shake away KittyCat. 🙂

      • Right Now is pretty amazing ……. and The next right now is Gonna rock …….
        i haven’t read Eckhart – maybe snippets ….
        But i know in my heart that THE RIGHT NOW is so amazing that why Look back …..
        i mean i have great memories – and they pop up in my dreams – but why live in memories -:? u know >
        i live by the nanosecond 🙂 🙂 🙂
        one nanosecond at a time 🙂

    • I hear you. Although I do find it hard sometimes to cram stuff into a nanosecond! 😉

  2. Great post Stu, it is hard at times to let go and move forward, but if we don’t we just stay stuck and eventually we start to sink.

    • It is hard Tina, and most of the time we’d like to let go – but we just don’t know how. These 2 methods work brilliantly for me, I hope other people find them useful too. 🙂

  3. Kourtney Heintz

    The end of the year seems to bring things into perspective. I like skipping through the past and seeing memories like flowers. The trick is not to pick them and try to carry them into the present. Thanks for your wonderful perspective Stu!

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