Gain more confidence at work


As you know I’m involved in a radio show at the moment titled The Confidence Reality Series. And I’m learning more insights about where my confidence comes from and how I can tap into my own inner sources of it – at will.

There are many confidence boosting strategies, processes and techniques in my book but today I wanted to share one that’s not. It’s for anyone that may be feeling less than confident in the workplace. Maybe you feel you’re not paid enough, maybe you are overworked, under-appreciated or just don’t feel confident enough to contribute fully in meetings or the office etc.

Try this simple exercise and you WILL feel a boost in your confidence levels:

#1 Write down 5 things you like about your job (no matter how hard, find 5 things)

#2 Write down 5 things you think you do well at work (no matter how hard, find 5 things)

#3 Write down 5 occasions where you’ve helped a colleague

You are valued, you do have skills that the company needs, sometimes we all need to get a different perspective.

Try it and see – and if you feel yourself resisting trying it, ask yourself why.




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4 responses to “Gain more confidence at work

  1. Alex

    Really empowering video for anyone out there. Help change the world for the better

  2. Great exercise Stu, I think I will have everyone do it at our office meeting tomorrow!

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