Possessions affect your confidence.


We had a great show on PRWTalk Radio last night.

We discussed how our possessions can adversely affect our confidence. Yes, your ‘stuff’ becomes your evidence that you have achieved …[XYZ]. Trouble is, the more we have the more our confidence is wrapped up in it.

But what if we lost it all?

What would that do to our confidence?

To listen to the replay of the show and find out more click here

Scroll down to the ‘On-Demand Shows‘ panel and click on item 2 – this was a real eye opener for me and it may be for you too.




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6 responses to “Possessions affect your confidence.

  1. I remember that divorce. I had to leave my house which I owned pre marriage, two little children and took whatever I could pack in my ’72 Cutlass and my dog to start all over again broke. I learned how little I really needed not only to survive but to be happy without all the frivolous accouterments we think are so necessary(it was great not needing a lawn mower anymore). Things can own us. That was 30 years ago and I have lived a sort of “reduced portfolio ” life ever since and am grateful for the lesson as painful as it was at the time.

    • Hi Carl, isn’t it obvious on reflection how our awful experiences are every bit as important as our wonderful ones. If we are having a bad time at the moment, let’s remember the gift it is for the future. Thanks for that insightful comment my friend. 🙂

    • Carl, your story reminds me of my favorite Pema Chodron quote: “when a thing happens, you don’t always know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”
      The older I get, the more “stuff” I get rid of. . .the less I shop. I like my husband and by dog best, so I am keeping them.;-) Love to you from across the pond, Stuart. Love all your insights!

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