DON’T Set Goals!!


Yes that’s right – DON’T set goals.

Despite all of the latest advice knocking around about setting goals in order to become a success I’m here to level with you.

What the experts won’t tell you about setting goals.

The number one drawback to setting goals.

AND why setting goals will bring more failure into your life.


So here it is the brutal truth about goal setting…

When you sit down and really think about your goals, guess what, you are going to come up with dozens and dozens of them – I mean if you really give it some proper thought. Then once you have this great big overwhelming list of goals you have to organise them into a priority list – woop di doo! So what, now, you probably have a good idea about what it is you actually want in your life – how does that help you?

What the experts don’t tell you is now you have to DO something about it. That’s right, YOU have to get up and make some changes in your life. You have to start missing the programs you like on TV. You have to spend less time with your friends, less time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. You have to actually THINK about your future. Seriously, who wants that? What ever happened to enjoying the now? What ever happened to taking one day at a time? All this thinking about ‘what might be’ in the future can make you over excited, self motivated, hopeful even!

Which brings us on to the number one drawback to goal setting – discomfort. Yep, you are going to become very UNcomfortable chasing after all these goals of yours. Just when you thought you could relax, chillout, take it easy – along come a bunch of goals that will enhance your life and BOOM – you fall head first out of your comfort zone. You may have to learn how to THINK differently – yes, there’s that ‘thinking‘ again. You may have to learn some new skills, like you really want to go back to school right? You may even have to become a little creative or meet up and talk with real people – face to face! Yuk!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the number one advantage to moving towards your goals, the so called experts will tell you is: you’ll fail more! What? Fail more! Since when has that been a motivator? Really? Just because it’s been proved that successful people fail more and fail faster on route to achieving their goals, apparently that’s the way it’s done. Just because it’s been proved that people who even write their goals down become more successful is some kind of excuse for inspiring others to do the same.

So here’s my advice… if you like where you are right now, if you don’t want anything more from life, if you want to continue drifting through life like a cork in a stream, if you like wondering where life is taking you and you really don’t want to have to put a lot of time and effort into living more fully – then don’t set goals.

If you do, your life may change in ways you can’t yet imagine.




PS: If on the other hand you think you could do with making a few changes in your life, take a look at my online video training series to get a better idea of how you can start. It’s free – just click here




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16 responses to “DON’T Set Goals!!

  1. Good morning 🙂
    “Don’t set Goals ” ………… i kinda like that 🙂
    That’s how i have been feeling too –
    Just go with the flow …….
    and Love what YOU DO 🙂
    and go on Pinterest TOOO much 🙂 lol
    Can sis 🙂

    • It’s late over there isn’t it? You donut! This post is about SETTING Goals! He he.

      • Donut @ ?????? lol 🙂
        it’s 4:23 ……am ……….. You really are a big brother aren’t You ! lol 🙂
        i was just saying by NOT setting goals – you become less fixated and more free …….
        doesn’t that make a bit of sense 🙂
        🙂 !!!!!! DONUT cat 🙂

    • It does, if that is where you are at the moment. And that’s fine, and can even be very rewarding because there’s less anxiety. BUT, when we decide to achieve something, it’s best to write those goals down. My post was being contentious! 🙂 Now go to bed, that’s an order!! 😉

      • DONUT tell me what to do 🙂 lol
        lololol 🙂
        No anxiety – but listen – in all seriousness
        i think we think OUR goals –
        and as we think them more and more-
        They just appear .
        and …
        I think – only because my mom was a shrink and i was handed way too many Jung at an early age !
        that Doing things that bring Joy …….
        Lightens it all Up …….
        Thoughts become REALITY 🙂
        your sister the donut –
        i would much rather be a cupcake
        Thank You ! 🙂 lol

      • i meant Jungian BOOKS …….
        zzzz 🙂

    • Of course there are exceptions to every rule. MOST successful people write their goals down, not ALL of them. You may very well be one that doesn’t need to – I’m one that does. Having written goals I can read often keeps me focused. Keeps me reminded of what I’m aiming for. Having said that, a lot of my time is spent being spontaneous, and that can have equally successful outcomes. Nite nite. 🙂

      • YES !!!!!!!!
        as a people watcher – i see the spontaneity – and that kind makes JOY burst out You know 😉
        personally – when i see YOU being spontaneous – It’s like using the whole of You ….. The Little kid that is always there –
        Creation is spontaneous ….. right ……..
        do You think about what You paint ? ……….
        You just paint right ? and In That Painting are Your Dreams manifested …..
        okay – your sister across the sea will turn off the brain and go to sleep …..
        lol 🙂

    • I LOVE being spontaneous. I love creating in that way – it’s life affirming, exciting, joyful and makes me extremely happy, which in itself is success! BUT, if I want to achieve a certain outcome I have to set myself a goal. Even with painting! Recently I had an exhibition and so a month before hired a unit for 4 weeks in order that I could paint a collection for the show. I set that goal, then achieved it. But I was spontaneous whilst immersed in it. 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right Stu, if you are completely satisfied with your life and want nothing else out of it, do nothing. But if your not just pick one or two things and start there. The trick is you have to do it…maybe that is where Nike came up with the slogan ” just do it”. Because nothing will happen if you don’t.

    • Exactly. You know there may be plenty of people out there that are totally satisfied with their lives and are happy to keep on keeping on. The rest of us, we got to get our asses in gear. 🙂

  3. Yes, but we are all here to boost one another along 🙂

  4. Setting goals should really be easy. Many fall into the trap of setting “tasks” rather than Goals(and that’s where they fall down). Goals should have strong meaning, something that will drive you to achievement, something that you just have to do. Yes, that word…’achievement’. Setting is easy, achieving…well that’s where the work comes in, like you have covered so well here. However it is ‘work’ that will pay off for You…great investment. Thanks Stu
    be good to yourself

    • Hi David, good distinction between goals and tasks. Wash the car – task! Make a habit of going to the gym 3 times per week – goal! The art, and work, as you say – is in the achievement. That’s where you and me come in, hopefully we can help people with that aspect. Thanks mate. 🙂

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