Knowing when you are successful.


This may sound pretty obvious to most people but sometimes having it said really clearly can help us all understand it more deeply…

You’ll know when you are successful when you can answer this ONE question with ‘Yes!’

The question?

Are……. You……. Happy?

Seem a bit simplistic to you? Well it is.

Now I don’t mean have you reached all your dreams and goals. I don’t mean are you with your perfect partner. I don’t even mean have you got your dream house/car/job/family/social calendar etc. etc. Because, you can have all of those and still be UNhappy.

Likewise you can have none of those and BE happy.

This is the point: when you are happy, you are successful. There need not be any outside evidence for your happiness. This, unintuitively is the key to success. When we strive for our dreams and goals and attach happiness to the outcome of those we dilute the present moment. We make our happiness dependent on outside experiences. Of course we can get great joy from our life experiences – but they are fleeting. When you connect with your inner happiness it is ongoing. Independent. Unattached to outcome.

So let’s reconnect with being grateful and happy for just being alive. For having the opportunity to have all of these experiences, when and how we choose. Let the outside achievements and experiences be a bonus to our present and ongoing happiness. From there, we will be more successful than we ever dreamed, and we’ll feel it – every day.

Let me know if I’m talking complete rubbish here.




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15 responses to “Knowing when you are successful.

  1. Great post. Very inspiring! thanks.

  2. Not rubbish at all, Stuart…I agree wholeheartedly. It’s all about the journey!

  3. No rubbish Stu, I totally agree with you! Happiness, true happiness has to come from within, it has to be a state of mind and heart, a decision you make every day, circumstances, possessions, relationships shouldn’t define or alter it, you are in control of living it or not…however, all this is easier said or written than done 😦 it takes lots of self-discipline to make yourself aware of happiness as your sole responsability (jejeje, did you notice that I’ve been thinking about this!?) read you soon Stu, always a pleasure 🙂 Alexandra

  4. Amen to that Stu you are so right on!

  5. Makes good sense to me, in fact, with a little thought it becomes glaringly self-evident. Thanks for that.

  6. Happy being above ground is a pretty fine start. Being Happy is an Attitude in my opinion. Sh*t happens however when you can reach for your ‘Happy Attitude’, you will get back into stride.
    Be good to yourself

    • Thanks David, yes, just being here is good enough reason to be happy for most. I suppose those that can’t even be happy for that end up taking the short cut ‘home’.

  7. Josephine Kinnaird

    LOL. If you ARE talking rubbish then so is the Course. Are you sure you’ve not been reading it on the quiet. xxx Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 12:52:23 +0000 To:

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