Stop ‘messing about’!

‘Stop Messing About!’


I remember teachers and other adults telling me this when I was a kid.

It didn’t stop me then, and it doesn’t stop me now.

Why is it that when we grow up we’re supposed to view ‘fun‘ as something infantile, or unsophisticated, or unprofessional? OK, it can be under certain circumstances and in certain situations, but generally we’re not having enough fun in our lives.

Today I went to the post office and while I was there I bought some milk from the little store. The cashier asked me if I wanted a ‘little’ bag – I replied: ‘Oh, yes please – one this size.’ I held my fingers up as if I was holding a small coin – just as a bit of FUN! The cashier immediately joined in, scrabbled about for a moment under the counter, then produced a change bag – the ones you put coins in for the bank. It was still bigger than the space between my fingers so she said: ‘Hold on’, screwed it up into a ball and placed it where my fingers were still holding the imaginary coin in mid-air.

We both laughed as she said: ‘That’s pretty good service wouldn’t you say?’ And it was. We both had some fun at no expense to ourselves or anyone else.

Another example: last week I parked in a multi storey car park whilst I went to a restaurant for lunch. I had to pay in the machine as I left. The machine has a red button with ‘Information’ written on it. Everytime I park there I do the same thing…you guessed it! I press the button and ask a random question. That day, when the attendant buzzed through asking if he could help me I asked: ‘What’s the capital of Peru?’. He immediately replied: ‘P’.

It wasn’t what I was expecting and we both had a laugh. ‘Anything else I can help you with?’ he queried. ‘No thanks, that was it.’ I replied and we both had our day brightened.

How hard is that?

Yeah, sometimes people well get grumpy with you for ‘messing about’ – but most will enjoy the banter.

Have FUN



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