How to be truly selfish


Seem odd??

Let me explain…
When we help someone else achieve or feel something, we help ourselves in the same way. Neale Donald Walsch said something like that and he was spot on.
The right kind of person helps others because in doing so they help themselves feel good.
The right kind of person encourages others because by doing so they encourage themselves.
The right kind of person comforts others because in doing so they receive comfort.
The right kind of person loves others because by doing so they feel loved.
So true selfishness is being the best person we can possibly be at all times because we reap the benefit from the thoughts we have, the words we say and the actions we take – when they are focussed on helping and serving others. It’s kind of like the whole giving is better than receiving thing except, in reality, giving IS receiving.
So, how truly selfish can you be today?

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6 responses to “How to be truly selfish

  1. I agree with every word.

  2. Nice thoughts, and it is true that if people were to be more selfish, then people just might live more harmoniously with each other.

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