Take the opportunity today to write down a lesson you’ve learned.


By analysing a lesson you have learned in the past you will automatically discover how you did it. Writing what you learned is a powerful first step. By writing it you get it out of your head and into some sort of order on the page. From there it can be re-ordered, re-read and re-alised.

It will become apparent what the process was and you’ll be able to apply that knowledge to other lessons you may need to learn.

This is a good way to structure it;

1. Explain what your situation was before you learnt the lesson

2. Describe what happened that allowed you to learn

3. Explain what’s different now due to the learning

This will give you a start point to get the memories around it clear.




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5 responses to “Take the opportunity today to write down a lesson you’ve learned.

  1. Your Book is Brill …………
    and i learned a very big lesson today ………
    immature love vs/ mature love 🙂 Hello Mature Love 🙂
    already wrote it down for myself ……..
    Thanks Stu bro 🙂
    Can sis xx

  2. Great points Stu, love the re-alised point 🙂

    • Thanks Tina, like any of these types of exercises – they only become valuable when put into practice. And I’m certainly guilty of not using them often enough. 🙂

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