Take the opportunity today to say something nice about yourself – out loud!


Having a healthy respect for yourself is a prerequisite for being
happy, healthy and content. It also gives you the capacity to have
respect for other people. When we see faults in ourselves but accept
them we are more likely to accept the fault in others.

Saying something nice about yourself ‘out loud’ simply reinforces the
acceptance. The more senses you can involve in a positive thought the
more experiencial it will be and the more real it is. Saying something
in your head is one thing, but out loud allows you to audibly ‘hear’
it and feel it (as your mouth moves).

If you want, go write it down too – that way you’ll be able to
‘see’ it. (Not sure how to shoehorn taste and smell in there!)




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4 responses to “Take the opportunity today to say something nice about yourself – out loud!

  1. Chuckling Stu 🙂

    It is hard to say things out loud about yourself. I am going to try some of those superman stances from the video you had last week tomorrow before I lecture, I will let you know what happens 🙂

    • That’s the point of the exercise!! Find something to say out loud even if you are the only person in earshot. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how your lecture goes, let me know which pose you do and how it made you feel. 😀

      • Stu

        My lectures went very well and not only did I choose to do the Rocky stance with my hands up and fists clinched, but I shared the story from the video with the attendees and they loved it. I also demonstrated for them, which they got a kick out of !

    • Yeeaaahy, well done you! So glad that went well. 🙂

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