Use your body to empower your mind.


Please take the time to watch this short 20 min video – it’s incredible evidence that how we think effects how we feel – literally! But it also works the other way around.

Your physiology affects how you feel by effecting your levels of cortisol and testosterone.

Learn how to control and use that to your advantage.




PS: I talk about this in my book in a couple of places. It’s still for sale at the special launch price for a while longer, get it here.


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5 responses to “Use your body to empower your mind.

  1. Stu, this was an awesome video! I am lecturing in Canada next week and I am going to share what she had to say…..I will even bring a slide with Wonder Woman on it 🙂

  2. Totally get this … my horse has taught me a lot about body language too … He’s reading me all the time when I’m with him, so I need to pay attention to what I’m telling him or he might take advantage … 😉 … Be well, Dorothy

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