Take the opportunity today to realise the universe is a ‘feeling’ mirror.


I wanted to share this page from my book with you today
after a conversation I had with someone the other day about
how they were feeling at the moment…

Take the opportunity today to realise the universe is a ‘feeling’ mirror.

When I say that I mean it reflects back what you put out.

If you put out fear, fear is reflected back on you. If you put out worry,
worry is reflected back on you. If you put out love, kindness, understanding,
compassion, trust, loyalty – guess what? They are the things reflected back on you.

So take a minute and ask yourself what you feel most days. Then ask yourself,
honestly, if that is what you are putting out in the world. If you think this is
rubbish put it to the test. If you feel fear or worry or lack or hate or used or
untrustful or resentful, consider reversing those feelings just for a day.

Trust people, no matter what. Be kind to people, no matter what. Forgive
everyone of everything, no matter what. Imagine that everything you worry
about is going to turn out just fine, no matter what. Decide not to be afraid
of anything, no matter what. Just for today.

Do this as authentically as you possibly can, it’ll be hard, but do it. Then see
how you feel tomorrow. If you noticed a difference, however small, do it again,
and again. Before you know it you may be feeling all of those positive feelings
mentioned above because that is what you’ll then be putting out.”

This is p.392 of my book: ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At a Time



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9 responses to “Take the opportunity today to realise the universe is a ‘feeling’ mirror.

    it’s the middle of the month — not the best time financially 4 me
    maybe in a few weeks 🙂
    love what you write 🙂
    IT’s kick a%^

  2. Stu, I love that it is just one day at a time! Most of us can do that 🙂

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