The Change Ladder

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Change your life by understanding the change ladder



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4 responses to “The Change Ladder

  1. This is especially Good Stuart …………
    The first stage – on the ladder – you could do a whole vid on that alone ! You have probably right ? That’s the stage where people are angry at the world for whatever reason -a self denial really huh ? A place that so many stay stuck –
    That rung – if you like – and the 2nd one – contemplation – is the place where ACCEPTANCE of ourselves has to happen ………..
    What Kind of psychology material do you read ?
    Curious ? What do you read ………:)

    Brillant – really brilliant – writing as i am listening here 🙂 …. wow wow wow ….Good for you 🙂
    and Good morning 🙂

  2. Thanks Cat, my video training series is here:
    It does go in to more detail about each stage, but in my experience people stuck in Precontemplation aren’t looking for this kind of material, and even if they saw it, wouldn’t recognise themselves as being in that stage anyway! The irony! The books I’ve read over the years include a lot of self examination types, including M. Scott Peck, Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra, James Redfield, Tony Robbinsand Eckhart Tolle plus books about mind control, NLP, Hypnotherapy etc. The list is pretty long! Glad you’re enjoying all this content. 🙂

  3. Great video and I agree with Cat on that first rung of never go beyond for many… Glad to check in. 😉

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