Understanding your Motivation

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Change your life by Understanding your Motivation


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19 responses to “Understanding your Motivation

  1. Yay Stuart 🙂
    !!!!! You are so on a roll 🙂 love it 🙂
    email me and we can do another post whenever you like
    🙂 best 🙂

  2. Why am I doing or not doing something is the question to ask in all things. Why am I doing this? If the motive is selfish, vengeful, or harmful to another in any way , a different course must be chosen.

  3. Good morning Stu. Another great video with an important point to change our life. I will be writing about this and linking to your blog. Have a great day today!

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  5. Thanks…I’d seen this too…I even have some notes about it here beside me…did I mention that I’m VERY motivated to get more motivated? 😀

  6. Very powerful Stu. It really makes you reflect on what drives you and interestingly what HAS driven you in the past can answer that question. Where you’ve failed or where you’ve succeeded and perhaps why!

  7. This is very powerful Stu. I have found that when reflecting in what drives me, I just need to look at the past, to my successes and failures. Answers a lot of questions.
    Thank you.


    • Now’s the time to move forward and consciously understand WHAT the benefits are that you desire and how you’ll feel when you receive them. That’s when you kick start your self motivation – BIG time. Thanks Niki. 🙂

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