I wanted to reblog this wonderful post from LittleBearDogBlog as I think we can all learn a lot from it…

The Little Bear Dog Blog

I watched Usain Bolt run the 200 meters last night. I’m not a huge sports fan but for some reason I like watching his races, a contradiction I found myself pondering in the wee small hours.

I think his appeal is his confidence. Not the arrogance and  stiltedness we often see from top sportspeople, but a more genuine, very human level of self-belief that makes people feel like they could still have a beer with him in the pub.

The Little Bear Olympics 

While the race was happening we were having our own track event in the living room with Little Bear. It was more like the four meter scramble than the 200 meter sprint, but he was enjoying his nightly round of chase the tennis ball. Until that is, a mis-placed throw (I did say I’m not much of a sportswoman) landed it behind his toy box.

He knew…

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  1. Stu, thank you for a lovely re-blog! I enjoyed the post very much and can totally appreciate the relevance way beyond a doggy’s life, read you soon, Alexandra

  2. Great post Stu, as a dog owner I can totally relate. Have a great weekend 🙂

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