Olympics Special Offer!


Now I was planning on boycotting the Olympics as a point of principle over the Beijing Games. 4 Years ago our news channels and papers were full of stories of the Chinese government bulldozing people’s homes with just a few days notice in order to make way for road widening on route to the main stadium. No compensation was paid even though China is the richest country in the world, and those that refused were removed with excessive force.

I wondered why participating countries didn’t raise questions about it – everybody seemed more interested in the games than the lives it had adversely affected.

Well, I’ve had my confidence restored with these games – GB really has created a fantastic event for all involved and have raised the benchmark for all that follow. A huge community spirit has permeated the country and so far, with the exception of the odd flag problem, it’s gone without a hitch.

For that reason, and to celebrate the incredible achievement of our British athletes, I’m doing a special offer on my book – 2 for 1.

Yes, all books bought from now until the end of the closing ceremony will receive a free extra copy to give away as a gift. The recipient of that gift will also be eligible to register for my 90 Day Home Study Program: ‘Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life‘ at no charge.

This offer only applies to sales in Great Britain!






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2 responses to “Olympics Special Offer!

  1. Hi Stu, great offer and these have been great games!

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