Take the opportunity today to teach.


On page 246 of my book I talk about ‘learning’, today I suggest you
consider teaching. The reason is that through teaching we can actually
increase our own learning. We get to see the subject in finer detail.

Take the martial arts for example, when you attain black belt status
you are considered a teacher. What this actually means is you are
ready to really learn. The great martial arts masters knew that
through teaching their techniques they were able to hone them over and
over. Their techniques improved through the process of teaching. As
each new student asked ‘how’ a certain technique was implemented the
master had to drill down into greater and greater detail in order to
help the student understand. By doing this the master noticed in
greater detail what he actually did to implement the technique.

You don’t need to be a complete expert either before you start
teaching. If you have something to share, start there. As you teach it
to others your own understanding will deepen and before too long you
will become an expert. Become the black belt in your chosen field by
teaching others what you know. Be generous and show them everything
and remember, their questions will help to teach you in the process.

I read somewhere that if we hear something we retain approx 5% of the
information, if we see and hear we retain up to 20%, if we see, hear
and do we retain up to 50%, but if we teach we retain up to 90% of the
information. Teaching really is the way to learn!




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4 responses to “Take the opportunity today to teach.

  1. Hi Stu, I think your statistics are pretty right on. In our office the training is done by seeing it done, then doing it and then teaching it to another. It works!

  2. Teaching is rewarding and that does form a part of my Life Coaching especially when people are thoroughly stuck. Great point to bring out Stu
    be good to yourself

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