Thanks to all the reviewers!

Thanks so much to all those that found the time to write a review of my book on Amazon over the last couple of days.

28 were done on Sunday alone and I’m sure that created a healthy spike in their algorithms which in turn will help push my book up the recommend list.

Here is a link to the comments for anyone wishing to read them: Click Here

but I have posted a selection here, I’m sure you’ll find them as fascinating and varied as I did…

This book completely changed my outlook on life. I went from being a half glass empty to a glass half full person in only three months! I would recommend this book to everyone.” ~ pollyr

Whether you feel totally disillusioned with the way your life has unfolded and want a complete change, or there are a few small tweaks which would make a small difference, this book is the one you need if you really want to change your life. Taken as a whole, (I am nowhere near finished) it is enormously powerful, but is cleverly delivered in managable daily suggestions to break down the process and make it a whole lot easier. The most important thing this book has done for me is to help me identify the changes that I really want to make, and for that I am very grateful. This book does exactly what it says on the tin, if you use it and don’t just leave it gathering dust on the shelf along with your life!” ~ N. Torbett

When I first got this book, I couldn’t put it down ! It’s easy to read yet thought provoking and is written as the title suggests “One Day at a Time”. It also has some interesting and inspiring stories to tell too. Sometimes it’s often the smallest/simplest things you do in life that can make a big difference and this book helps you to think differently and improve your life, day by day. I definitely recommend you buy this book and see for yourself !” ~ Kerry

I managed to use the advice on one of the days to help me make the decision that changed my career!
I already changed my job to working with a training company but my ideal job was to teach english in secondary school.
i got an opportunity to have an interview for unqualified teacher and train for my qualification whilst there.
The issue was it is 100miles from my home, and i made the decision to leave a job i enjoy to start my career in teaching and most importantly leaving my boyfriend for a year also.
This book gave me the advice and guidance to pursue my career and my love for teaching….. and i got the job :)!” ~ Lianne

This book was a recommendation from a friend, without which I may not have purchased it based upon the title. I’ve been reasonably successful in both my professional and personal endeavors; so wasn’t particularly looking to change my life.
How wrong I was.
Whether you are looking for a significant life change or gradual self improvement, this book has both the simple insights and thought provoking ideas to stimulate the catalyst for continual growth that lies dormant within all of us.
An unexpectedly, pleasant and easy going read. Whether taking it a day at a time or jumping ahead (which I couldn’t stop myself from doing); the author provides not only insights, but also tools that can be applied and case studies for those already achieved.
I normally pass any self improvement books to my friends having read them, not with this one.
Within these pages are insights both previously learnt (and some forgotten) and new ideas I will wish to return to. To recognize the changes I’ve since made.
So I recommend this book and will kindly, politely ask my friends to buy their own.” ~ David

Once again, thanks everyone for your continued support




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