Get part of my book for FREE!


For those of you that haven’t bought yourself a copy of ‘How To Change Your
Life One Day At A Time‘, I’m guessing you’re wondering if it will really help you or not. I’m the same every time I ponder about buying a new self improvement book for myself.

So, I’ve decided to create a pdf of the first 79 pages of the book as a tester for you – no charge!

All you have to do is opt in to my complimentary online video training series here and I’ll send the pdf straight to your email inbox.

This way you get to dip your toe in to see if you like it without any obligation. And you can feel free to share it with anyone else you think may be interested in it.

I hope you take this opportunity to try out this book which contains teachings from more than a dozen of the biggest names in the world in the area of self improvement.



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4 responses to “Get part of my book for FREE!

  1. I have opted in Stuart! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the generous offer 🙂

  2. I took a sneak peek at my copy that I am saving to read on my trip….I cannot wait to get started!

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