Breakdancing Yoga!


Ever thought you couldn’t do something?

Maybe you couldn’t! But you know what? You could do something.

I found this today on – check them out, they’re a great place to find inspiration.

Anyway, how much hard work has this guy put into this skill? Answer, a LOT!

Are you prepared to work this hard to do something? This is the difference between people that achieve and those that just dream.

Start TODAY – commit to achieving something.





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6 responses to “Breakdancing Yoga!

  1. I was reading about these talented folks in a recent issue of YogaJournal…they’re amazing! I have been wanting to try aerial yoga. I think all of these new unique and/or dance-fusion styles of practice are going to bring yoga to more people and I love them! =)

  2. I’ll commit to something, but not breakdancing yoga! Afraid i’ll break something! Great post!

    • Yeah, me too! Obviously as with anything, there’s an amount of natural ability mixed with massive hard work to become exceptional. Think I’ll take up Tai Chi (looks more sedate). πŸ™‚

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