Take the opportunity today to write a list of things that you are afraid of.


For some this will be a short list and others it will be longer than it should. I for one am afraid of dying before I achieve a lot more than I have right now for instance. But give it some real thought, take a bit of time over it and write down everything that comes to mind.

It may surprise you just how long or short it actually is.

It’s funny how identifying our fears can actually diminish them. Once your list is complete, read it a few times. Notice how you feel about each item. You may feel some are silly, others irrelevant.

This execise in itself may spur you on to tackle some of those fears, some of which you may only think you have. We define ourselves in many ways and one way is through our fears – I’m afraid of heights, or spiders, or flying, or open spaces etc. Thing is, you may have been afraid once but that doesn’t necessarily mean you still are.

Find out which it is today.




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40 responses to “Take the opportunity today to write a list of things that you are afraid of.

  1. Great idea Stu, I am with you on wanting to accomplish a lot more before I meet my maker. One never knows how much time they will be given, so we need to make the most of each day, hour and moment we are here. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Oh my, just wrote a blog post inspired by your suggestion to write a list and yes it was surprisingly short: I AM AFFRAID OF FAILURE…I quoted this post in mine…thank you as always for giving me food for thought, read you soon

  3. Often I find myself writing in these comments sections on my many friends blogs things I am afraid of, or at least am confused about. So wonderful is our supportive online blogging community.

  4. Fear of failure…hands down.

    Be encouraged!

  5. I also enjoyed your simple, practical advice. I thought about doing a series on confronting one fear every day for 30 days. It’d be cool to get a group of people together to take the challenge and write about it.

  6. So interesting to think about our fears, and important to face them and stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone from time to time! Love the idea of confronting a fear every day…

  7. I have found that the thing is Stu…to isolate the ‘fears’ from the ‘excuses’. Many fears are well founded…it’s the excuses that do most of us in and that’s…really inexcusable
    be good to yourself

    • So true David. Fears and excuses are intrinsically linked. We can use a fear as an excuse NOT to do something. That’s why I found writing them down and reading them useful – I discovered which of my fears were just excuses. Then I could decide whether or not I was really actually afraid still. One by one my fears drop away. As do my excuses. Thanks for the insight. πŸ™‚

  8. I had to do something similar to this years ago when I was in group therapy for anxiety and panic disorder. It was really something to see everything that I was afraid of written on a piece of paper. It made me realize that some fears were just plain silly and that others were plausible. It helped me learn so much about conquering fear and just moving ahead with my life. It’s been years since I’ve done it, but after reading your entry I know that it’s time to do it again. Thanks for the spurring me and other readers on to do so…..

  9. Hey Stu!!
    Your blog is very reviving and not to forget motivating! πŸ™‚
    I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award!! πŸ™‚ Just follow this link below:

    You so deserve this πŸ™‚
    Keep up your great work!

    *Love and hugs*


  10. Really good exercise. Like you, I fear not being able to do all that I wish to accomplish before I die, and turning 60 this year was sobering in that regard. Still, I am finding that 60 is filled with rejuvination and vitality for life…a little less in the body perhaps, but greater in the heart and mind! Can’t wait to read your book! Hugs and love across the miles.

  11. faroukradwan

    i think being aware of those things we are afraid of is the first step towards getting rid of them
    thank you : )

  12. Hey Stu,
    What an excellent post. It churned up some thoughts. I think I am terrified of failure and equally terrified of success. Sounds contradictory, but it’s true! Wishing you good luck with the book launch. Thanks for following my blog. Following you now.

    • You’re not alone Shona – that’s a common theme of our fears. We fear failure because it’s the end to a dream (or so we think), and we’re afraid of success because it’ll mean change, maybe more responsibility, maybe more obligation, and more than likely a disrupting of our comfort zone. So… we stand still a lot of the time, avoiding both. Will you?

      • I plan to break the karmic-cycle this time. Step out of the comfort zone, and let the chips fall where they may. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Good for you – let me know how you get on with that. πŸ™‚

  13. Life is to short to live in fear, and I think about some of the things I”ve done (like sell everything I owned to backpack around the world) that I almost didn’t do because I was afraid, my life would be drastically different and boring. =D thank you

  14. Kourtney Heintz

    Great idea Stu! I’m also not afraid of dying, but of dying before I accomplish some of my big goals. πŸ™‚ I’m going to work on this list tonight.

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