Take the opportunity today to ignore any negative comments you hear.


Do you have people in your life that are just totally negative about everything you do? OK, maybe not everything, but quite a lot of things?

Hmm, you must learn to let those comments wash over you. Those people may wish you the best, they may even love you, but they don’t know your strength, your resilience or your perseverance. Hell, you might not even know those things about yourself – but they are there.

So, avoid those negative people that you can, and ignore the negative comments of the ones you can’t. Just say in your mind ‘They don’t know me’ every time they bring you down with words like:

…be realistic…’ or

…you’re no good at that…’ or

…I don’t think that’s your strength…’ etc.

As you learn to do this you will start to believe in yourself more and more. It’s a good feeling.

Take care



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29 responses to “Take the opportunity today to ignore any negative comments you hear.

  1. I accidentally hit press this and it’s on my blog– happy accident! Great message, thanks!

  2. I saw – and I followed! 🙂

  3. And what if those people are my husband and mom who supposedly know me well and want the best for me although i have come to understand that what they want for me THEY THINK is the best not leaving space to consider my own wants needs and dreams…it can be abit sad and discouraging but I manage to get by avoiding their opinions and comments and have learned to trust in my instincts and have a few friends that are my second family my unconditionally loving and supportive family. Thanks for the fabulous post as always, read you soon Alexandra

  4. I feel for you Alexandra, it’s tough when those closest to you doubt you and try to lead you. You are doing the right thing by following your instincts. Intuition never steers us wrong. As long as your actions don’t hurt another (physically) then whatever you choose to do is your path in life. Some people might ‘choose’ to be hurt by your choices but this is not your responsibility just as you being hurt by another’s choices is your responsibility. We have one life, one ticket – let’s use it pursuing our own dream, not someone else’s dream for us. Take care. Stu 🙂

  5. Stu I work with someone like this. Personally I like her but professionally I want to tell her knock off the negativity. I constantly have to tell her to put on her big girl pants and do what I’ve asked her to without a negative comment or two. I know that some people don’t have the best lives, but I also believe that life is what you make it. If you don’t like something for the love of Bob, then change it. I try to be positive. I wish I could do more to help her improve her life….

  6. You don’t beat around the bush Renee – I like that about you! 🙂 I think we all know people like the one you work with and there’s no helping them UNTIL they realise they need help. The only way to make contact with people like this less frustrating is to use positive language at all times and encouragement. (Then I find a cupboard and beat my head against the wall!!!) 🙂

  7. Great blog post Stu, I agree with you whole-heartedly


  8. Stu, you are an ANGEL, an absolute ANGEL for giving me this message today. Those nay-sayers DO NOT KNOW ME! I do, those who really care for me do, and GOD does! So there!

  9. Miss Emm

    I have found that if you actually listen to the negativity you will hear an entirely different message. Basically you will learn more a out the people in your life more than you thought you ever wanted to.

  10. Thanks for following me – now that I have been over to yours I hope I will live up to the compliment. I’ll come back to you, but actually I don’t want to change my life, I have got round to liking it, and it is always changing anyway. See you again soon

  11. Wise counsel… if we all followed this call, there would be less grief over the subject. TY! 😉

    • Let’s all make this a goal today and change our world ever so slightly. As the butterfly beats its wings and causes a hurricane, so every life has an effect beyond its comprehension.

  12. Reblogged this on Smile if your sexy! and commented:
    Sometimes that person is me on a bad hair day! lol
    I think if you find that you’re the person creating the negativity it often helps to read advice like this to help you snap out of it, thanks =D

  13. jakesprinter

    Great Tips I love it 🙂

  14. Thank God I have never met anyone that rude! I do find a lot of people who are negative by omission by that I mean that they don’t show any interest in my writing (just started last spring) and were actually putting me down behind my back even though they are supposed to be my friends. I have disentangled myself from them and am so much happier. It is just jealousy anyway. They can go through their own mid-life crises without me! Hahaha!

    • Sadly, it’s true – many people are resentful of the goals and achievements of those close to them. It shows up their own lack of ambition, or determination. Your progress shines a light back on them and they don’t like it. We all need to move past others feelings like this and hope that eventually we may inspire them onwards too.

  15. Wonderful wise words to share and live by! Thanks so much, Stu! 🙂

  16. microrrelatososhortstories spoke my mind. Thank you for the wisdom, Stu. I am responsible for only me…such a fine line between. I can choose to react defensively, be upset or keep forging ahead and be happy…so long I am not inflicting pain upon others and/or my loved ones.

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