Which mood – which album?


My daughter texted me this interesting and thought provoking question this morning.

At first glance it seems quite frivolous, fun but nothing serious.

But hang on. Aren’t we defined by music in very profound ways. When we’re suffering from a broken heart we turn to music (even though it can make us feel worse!). When we want to let our hair down we break out the dance music or the rock music. If we have friends around for dinner don’t we put something nice on the iPod to chill to?

So, my answer to the above question would actually change on a daily basis. Here’s the albums I’d choose depending on what mood I was in that day, would love to see what your choices would be:

Dance mood: Off The Wall – Michael Jackson

Easy listening mood: Seasons Of My Soul – Rumer

Jazz mood – Kinda Blue – Miles Davis

Meditative mood: I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi

Rock mood: Desolation Angels – Bad Company

Melancholy mood: Trouble – Ray Lamontagne

Soulful mood: True Love – Al Green

And that’s only scratching the surface!





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7 responses to “Which mood – which album?

  1. Good music selection Stu. I would add a category: Classic Rock: Magical Mystery Tour – Beatles, Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers, and Led Zepplin 4 – Led Zepplin

  2. Stu

    Oh yeah, totally! As I said – I hardly scratched the surface. Thanks for the input. (Led Zep 4 – I must go and re listen to that one) 🙂

  3. Barb

    Dance mood: Justified and Ancient KLF (Unless Carys in charge of ipod then it’s Le Freak by Chic!)
    Easy listening mood: Michael Buble (anything!!)
    Jazz mood – Sorry just don’t have those!!
    Rock mood: Rainbow – Since you’ve been gone
    Melancholy mood: Chasing pavements – Adele
    Soulful mood: Will Young – Who am I

    Now I really should get back to work but thanks for the 5 minute distraction!!

  4. Barb

    Sorry went for tracks rather than albums…

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