Take the opportunity today to write the opposite of those frustrations from yesterday.


OK – this is where this exercise becomes really interesting and even
more useful.

Let’s say you wrote a frustration like this:
I’m frustrated that I can’t choose which goal to pursue first.

The opposite would read something like:
I understand fully which goal to pursue first.

Now do that for every frustration you wrote.

Here’s the next bit (and fun bit)…
… burn the first list of actual frustrations! Safely of course.
This symbolic gesture speaks to the unconscious mind. It says you
don’t value those ideas, so you’re going to replace them (with the
positive list), then destroy them.

Read your new list of affirming statements every day when you get up
and last thing before you go to bed. The reason is, that is when you
are either coming out of Alpha state or about to go into Alpha state.
Alpha state is when you are most suggestible, so those new affirming
statements are more likely to sink in.

I do this religiously now and each day I notice some more than others.
They stand out more. They mean more. This is insight happening right
in front of your own eyes. Do it – you’ll see!




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4 responses to “Take the opportunity today to write the opposite of those frustrations from yesterday.

  1. Beautiful concept. A nice exercise for the mind. This would be helpful especially to those who abstract and conceptuallize visually. Some people, like me, find ourselves doing more of talking in our thoughts that doing images and it also affects what we remember, understand, believe, appreciate, etc. Great job you are doing here! Keep it up!

    • stuartart

      To be honest I think it’s helpful for everyone. I have made a habit of reading my anti-frustrations list morning and night and I never fail to notice one more than the others. this happens every day and helps me remain focused on my goals and the steps needed to achieve them. seriously, give it a go and you’ll discover the same. thanks for the comment. Stu 🙂

  2. I like this exercise, I don’t think I have 20+ frustrated goals (thank God) but those few I have are very big and important to me to achieve… this’ll be good..thank you this blog post will definitely make my read post at the end of the week where i do some recommendations on good/useful reads

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