Take the opportunity today to write down your top 20 frustrations with achieving your goals.


When I was taking Bob Proctor’s Goal Achiever’s Program my facilitator
asked me to do this exercise. At first I thought it sounded a bit
negative but I did it anyway – they know what they’re talking about,

They did! It turned out to be a really powerful exercise.

Sitting down and really thinking about what is holding you back,
articulating those frustrations and putting them in black and white
for you to read will open your eyes.

Get them all out. If there’s more than 20 that’s ok – write them all.
But do at least 20.

Start each one with the words: ‘I’m frustrated that…

I’m going to tell you tomorrow what to do next!




PPS: I cover all of this and more in my book: ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘ still available with my complimentary 90 day home study program – until xmas ’12 ONLY. Buy now here.



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6 responses to “Take the opportunity today to write down your top 20 frustrations with achieving your goals.

  1. the only good thing about reading this weeks after you posted is that i don’t have to wait till tomorrow to read the next step…:)

    • stuartart

      So did you do the exercises? Did you find it useful – I know I did when I did it. I still read my anti list daily. I find that different statements speak to me on different days, they help me keep on track when I have doubts and they give me ideas and motivation when I feel sluggish. Hope you got as much out of it as I have. Cheers Stu

  2. Stu

    Good luck with that. It’s important to try to get 20 frustrations as you need to drill right down into your barriers. Then, when you write the opposites, hopefully you are reversing and rewiring those barriers into motivators. It’s hugely powerful. Stu 🙂

  3. Very interesting blog! Just wanted to tell you that your gravitar is linked to your defunct blog.

    • stuartart

      Thanks for the headsup Pauline – I’ve inserted a message there to redirect now. Don’t know how to delete that blog and not sure why the Gravatar thing links there – I’ve never used it!

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