Take the opportunity today to write a thank you note to someone from your past.


If you sat and thought about those people that have had a major impact
on your life you’d find there’s probably only a handful. It may well
be your parents or siblings. It may be a teacher or a neighbour. Maybe
an uncle or cousin or simply the shopkeeper down the road.

Have a think, choose one, then write them a thank you note. Describe
in detail the impact they have had on your life. Describe in as much
detail as you can how your life is different because of their

Then post that letter. It doesn’t have to reach them, you may not know
where they are now. They may not be with us anymore or you may not
want them to read what you have written. Post it anyway. With just
their name on the envelope if necessary. The symbolic gesture of
dropping that letter in the post will be very therapeutic.

Now imagine how many people out there are thinking of You in this way.
You can’t know the full impact you’ve had on people because not all of
them will share it with you. But you have.




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