Take the opportunity today to turn a negative into a positive.


We all have negative experiences from time to time – hell, all of the
time for some of us, right? Well they can become a bit overwhelming
after a while as we replay some of the events in our minds over and
over. I used to do this quite a bit, and still do to some degree.
However, I have a strategy for limiting how frustrated or upset or
angry I feel. I try and find the positive in the situation. I think it
was Napoleon Hill that said: “In every situation of adversity there is
the seed for an equivalent or greater benefit.

For instance me and Em had a week’s holiday in Wales with
the dogs. While we were there, we got lost finding the place, Em’s mum
had a mini stroke, one of the dogs got diarrohea in the cottage at 4am
and then on our only day to visit a nice town the dogs had a bark fest
with such intensity and determination that we left after 20 minutes.

On the way home at the end of the week we decided that although the
holiday was pretty much a wash-out we at least had some comical
anectdotes to tell – which we have, to everyone we’ve met since
getting back. We’ve had more fun telling those stories than we had on
the actual holiday!

Seek and ye shall find.” – Matthew 7:7

Look for the positive in something and you will find it.




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