Take the opportunity today to write a letter to one of your children.


You may have children that are fully grown and living lives of their
own. You may have teenagers still at home or in college. You may have
younger children, maybe even toddlers or babies. Some of you might not
have any children at all and others may have lost children.

Whichever situation you find yourself give this guide some thought.
Something will come to mind. You may want to thank them. You may want
to forgive them. You may want to apologise or simply reconnect. You
may want to reminisce or encourage or send a simple message of love.
You may want to speculate about what they may be like in years to
come. You may want to beckon them.

Once written – post it. Maybe it’ll have an address maybe it won’t.
But post it. That simple act will instantly embed that sentiment in
your soul. It’s not so important that your child reads it as much as
you symbolically or actually send it. That letter will be a direct
path into your emotions. Do it and see.




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2 responses to “Take the opportunity today to write a letter to one of your children.

  1. Writing this letter http://wp.me/p2aXfa-f to my daughter was the inspiration for me to start blogging. I felt so much better when I put in writing why I made the decision I made for her future. Great idea!

  2. stuartart

    I’ve been to your blog and I think it’s excellent. We created a ‘keepsake’ box for my daughter when she was born and to this day it’s one of her most cherished possessions – she’s 22! Your blog will be like an open diary of her life – beautiful! Stu

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