Take the opportunity today to ask yourself the DOS questions.


Dan Sullivan the founder of Strategic Coach, one of the leading
business coaching companies in the US coined the term ‘The DOS

They stand for:
Danger – What dangers do you have now that need to be eliminated?
Opportunities – What opportunities need to be captured?
Strengths – What strengths do you have that need to be maximised?

By asking these questions and analysing your replies you will gain
deep insights into the options and opportunities in your life. Take
some time to really try this. It might take an hour or two to actually
give it the thought necessary – but the answers will be worth it.

Dangers might be job insecurity, or debt issues. Opportunities might
be around learning new skills or connecting with likeminded people.
Strengths might be your ability to network well or your organisational

To learn more about Dan Sullivan go to: www.StrategicCoach.com




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