Take the opportunity today to STOP any critical self-talk.


Do you ever stub your toe and immediately shout something like: ‘You
stupid clumsy idiot, ahhhh!’?

Or maybe when chatting with a friend say something like: ‘Oh god, I’ve
got a terrible memory!’?

Or ever thought to yourself something like: ‘Well I won’t be able to
do that, I’m useless when it comes to stuff like that’?

Or something similar anyway. I for one am guilty of all three. But I’m
working on it. I realise that they are just my false paradigms showing
through. Or my fears being announced. Every time I find myself saying
negative things about myself, first I try to stop it, then if it gets
out I smile, say: ‘Cancel, cancel’ then reverse what I said into
something positive. This way, slowly but surely I’m creating new
beliefs about myself. Eventually I hope to eradicate all negative
self-talk from my vocabulary.

If it sounds silly, ask yourself – what harm can it do?




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2 responses to “Take the opportunity today to STOP any critical self-talk.

  1. I have been working in this exact process in my own life. I just read War of Art so I call the voice The Resistance, and I am on my way to training myself to tell that voice to SHUTUP. Thanks for the post.

  2. stuartart

    Ah, The Resistance, yes – a good term for it. I wish you well with the battle and thanks for the comment. Stu 🙂

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