Take the opportunity today to learn the GOLF lesson.


If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have enough time to get everything
done that you need to do on a daily basis then try this strategy
devised by the Internet Marketing/Property genius – Dean Jackson.
In a nutshell Dean identifies 4 Reactive Activator areas common to most of us:
1. Email    2. The phone    3. People    4. Thoughts
These are the most common distractors we face daily.

Dean devised the GOLF strategy to combat them.
Goal                                      – set yourself a task you want to
Optimal Environment     – go to where you’re most likely to get
that done
Limited Distractions       – remove anything that will distract you,
phones, computers, etc.
Fixed Timescale               – set a timer for how long you need

The analogy is that if you decided to play a round of golf you’d have
to set aside approx. 4 hours of your time to do that. Whilst you’re
playing golf for 4 hours you’re not able to email, or phone, or get
bugged by colleagues (as long as you turn your mobile device off).

The tricky part is eliminating your thought distractions. For this he
suggests spending 50 minutes writing down as many thoughts as you can,
big, small, weird, irrelevant, important – whatever! This now reduces
the chance you will have a rogue thought distract you while you’re
doing your task.

I can’t do this justice here without writing a few pages so I suggest
you check out his video (if it’s still available) at:

In it he explains and clarifies the whole process.




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