Take the opportunity today to be open.


This is difficult for a lot of people – yes, me included. When you’re
open’ you are vulnerable. We don’t like to feel vulnerable, it’s in
our genes to keep ourselves safe. When we lived in caves it meant
being physically safe from a bear or a wolf or even our tribe. I would
imagine that a wrong look in those days could have been looked upon as
confrontational. (Still does in places.)

So, we began to hide what we were thinking lest it showed on our face.

In today’s sophisticated society a facial expression is still a
measure of what we might be thinking consciously or subconsciously. So
we find more and more ways to try and keep our thoughts and feelings
covered up, private.

Today, find a safe environment to be open. With a family member or a
best friend or anyone you trust. Start there. I think you’ll find that
with some practice you’ll prefer to be open often. We’re not talking
over-sharing here by the way! It’s a bit indulgent to offer gratuitous
information so understand why you’re being open. This is about
suppressed feelings that might be causing blocks in your life – not
sharing the gory details of your gall bladder operation. 🙂

Remember, if you need to be open with someone about their behaviour,
tread carefully and speak kindly.




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