Take the opportunity today to ask Why you want success.


What a dumb question I hear you say.

But think about it. Most people think it’s about the money. To a
certain degree it is, but only in the sense of what freedoms the money
could bring. For instance if you wanted more money but it meant
working twice as hard and having no time to see your family or friends
then the money would be detrimental to your quality of life.

So, it’s what you would do with the money that determines what your
success might look like. And remember your success may be completely
different than your neighbour’s or your best friend’s version. Give
this some deep thought. Ask yourself what would you be doing if you
were as successful as you wanted to be. Whose lives would you be
influencing positively. At the end of the day, if you had all the money
you could spend and you’d been around the world half a dozen times.
Been everywhere and done everything. Taken a couple of years to just
relax and persue leisure activities to your heart’s content. Then
what? Think about that now, don’t wait until.

Don’t wait until you see it happen – see it until it happens.

Lastly, ask yourself ‘What do I lack now that success will bring me?’





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