Take the opportunity today to ask yourself what your life would look like if it was better!


Go on…indulge yourself and imagine your life if it was perfect.
Imagine every day was fulfilling to you. You smiled all the time.
Notice what things are different in your imaginings to how they are in
your present reality. Do you have more money? Do you have loving and
fulfilling relationships? Do you live somewhere different?

Take as long as you like to imagine this life. As you get clearer on
what it looks like and all the little details become apparent you are
actually creating memories. Memories of your life to come. Your brain
will actually start to notice circumstances that are in synch with
these memories. A bit like when you buy a certain car and then see
those cars everywhere. Your mind is noticing them. As your mind
notices favourable circumstances to your new memories you may find
opportunities arising where they never did before. ACT on those
opportunities and they will gradually make your dream life appear IN




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