Take the opportunity today to pace yourself.


I was always a sprinter at school. I hated the cross country run. I’d
get all wheezy and out of breath, it was miserable. Then, a few years
back I did a charity run. I trained for it with a friend and on the
first session I started running and left her behind. I looked back and
she was jogging unbelievably slowly. I waited until she caught up and
teased her a little but she just stayed at that pace. I decided to jog
along side. After about 20 minutes we stopped, we’d only run about a
mile which was fine but I noticed that I wasn’t out of breath at all.
Ordinarily I would have got about half a mile in and conked out

We paced ourselves and in so doing ran further and had enough energy
left over to do it all again.

It’s the same with everything – pace yourself and you’ll get more
done, it might take you longer but you’ll have energy to spare and you
can just keep going. Why be in such a rush to get there that you miss the

Remember the Hare and the Tortoise?




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