Take the opportunity today to set someone up to succeed.


Anyone that’s done dog training will recognise this technique. The
idea is you make a task really easy for a dog to get right so that
they get a reward. If repeated over and over the dog will associate
the task with the treat. Dogs don’t talk human and tend to get
frustrated quickly if they don’t understand what you’re asking them to
do – so you make it easy.

The same technique can be used with people, not in a condesending way
but in a positive affirming way. When teaching a new colleague a
company process for instance have it typed out then show them the
process so they can see what’s expected. If teaching a child break the
task down into the most manageable steps so they keep getting it right
whilst continually moving forward. This gives them a sense of
achievment and they’re much more likely to respond well and feel good.

In every situation today keep thinking how you can get someone to
succeed in what they’re doing.





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