Take the opportunity today to break a task down into smaller steps.


If you have some tasks on your ‘To Do’ list that always seem to be
moved over onto the next list then the next because you keep putting
them off, chances are it’s too big to tackle in one go. Take another
look at it and see if it can be broken down into smaller chunks that
are more manageable. If you can break it down into five steps and you
just do one step each day it’ll be done in a week.

The best way to get things done and achieve the things you want is to
just Do Them! So even if you have to break something down into 20
steps – do it and it’ll get done. When you write a book for example
there’s a lot to think about; the content, the chapters, the
introduction, the pitch to a publisher, the marketing plan etc. It
can’t all be done at the same time so you have to start with writing
the first page. Putting stuff in order can be done as you go and
that’s often the case with many tasks. Breaking the task down is
itself the first step to getting it done so pat yourself on the back
when you get that part completed.




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