Take the opportunity today to give someone your undivided attention for as long as they need it.


We all want to be heard, it’s part of our social DNA. We are pack
creatures and good communication is vital to our very survival. But
these days it seems that listening and hearing are two different

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you just know that
they are just waiting for their turn to speak? Not too satisfying is
it? Next time you’re in a conversation be aware if you are actually
listening or just waiting for the chance for you to speak. The
simplest way to give your undivided attention is to not think about
saying anything. Just listen, and when it naturally becomes your turn
– if you’re asked for your opinion for instance, then ask something
relevant to what you’ve just heard which will allow the other to
continue explaining.

When this becomes a habit you’ll not only get a lot more out of your
conversations, because you will have really understood the other’s
point of view, but you’ll find that other people, through the law of
reciprocation, will listen more intently to you. This leads to deeper
communication, increased levels of empathy and understanding and
better relationships all round.





PS: Please feel free to pass this blog on to anyone you think may find it useful or interesting.

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