Take the opportunity today to think differently about something.


We can, on occasion, every now and again get attached to some of the
thoughts we have. You know the ones; my neighbour is really annoying
because… Or; people that read such and such a paper are… Or; those
people claiming benefits when they don’t even bother to find work and
look after themselves are…

Most of us have thoughts like that.

Now choose one of those thoughts, one that you know very well, and
just as an exercise imagine it’s wrong. Place yourself in a situation
where the truth about something is the opposite of that thought you
usually have. For example, your neighbour may be doing their best from
where they are and it’s You that chooses to become annoyed because of
your lack of understanding about their circumstances. Imagine you are
having an incredibly traumatic time at the moment, so much so that You
behave in a way similar to your neighbour and it’s your neighbour
thinking that You are annoying.

Think about that today – just as an exercise.





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