Take the opportunity today to think before you speak.


I bet every one of us can remember something that came out of our
mouths that we wished we could cram back in. Too late! Once you’ve
said it, it’s said. Let’s do more listening and contemplating and
maybe, just maybe that’ll happen less. We can keep our great big size
nines out of our mouth. Do that today and you may very well be glad
you did tomorrow.

Being one that always wants to be right I have found myself NOT doing
this a lot in the past. It’s painful – for both parties. I will make a
concerted effort to keep my mouth shut long enough to ponder the
reaction of the words running around inside my head before I let them
out. Like excited children they need to be calmed before being let out
in the street to play. Who knows what kind of mischief they’ll get up
to if you let them run out unattended?




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