Take the opportunity today to see things for what they really are.


You know what I mean right? Sure you do. I could sit here and write a
page of words that show you what they are but I’d only be scratching
the surface wouldn’t I?

We’ve all got stuff going on that we say is this or that. But we know
it’s not. I mean it could look that way to the untrained eye, to the
casual observer, but we know it’s just a façade for what’s really
going on.

Take a good look at it today, be as honest with yourself as you can.
Allow the discomfort or maybe even pain of looking at it to come
through. Welcome it. Once we open the cupboard door and shine a light
in there we can see there was nothing to be afraid of.

I know this’ll be hard for a lot of people – me included, so lets all
dig deep and give it a try. If you’ve stayed with me this far I know
you have the  courage to do this.




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