Take the opportunity today to write your resignation letter! You don’t have to deliver it just yet.


You get a good feeling just reading that don’t you? Imagine in the
nicest way possible you could tell your boss – “Thanks for everything,
but I’ve found something better.” Wow, the relief. The excitement!

OK, some of you reading may already be retired or run your own
business or are unemployed at the moment. If you’re retired and you
don’t have the financial resources to do what you want whenever you
want – imagine that you do. If you run your own business I’m sure you
have your fair share of headaches – imagine that you’re able to employ
someone else to run the day to day side of things freeing up your time
to do what you want whenever you want. If you’re unemployed – imagine
you land a job doing what you love to do and get paid handsomly for

The point here is to get in touch with that feeling of freedom, of
abundance. Once you get in touch with that feeling you start your
subconscious mind running to find a way to make that happen in
reality. A super computer working just for You.
Write the letter, be as kind as you can be with your words – we don’t
want any negative emotions bubbling to the fore here. Make it
tangible, readable and enjoyable.

At the very least it’ll put a smile on your face!




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