Take the opportunity today to figure out what your distractions are.


Unless you’re a robot you will, from time to time, here and there, for
one reason or another – get distracted!

We all do.

Now what was I saying? Oh yes… distractions might seem like inocuous
strays from the otherwise mundane. They might seem like harmless
breaks from monotony. They may even be thought of as part of your
creative process. Guess what – they’re all of those things. But, when
you have a lot of them then you can bet your bottom dollar they are
avoidance techniques. Strategies employed to keep you from doing
something that ‘needs’ to be done. They will speed your clock up and
before you know it another week has gone by and ‘that thing’ still
isn’t done. It may just mean the lawn didn’t get trimmed, or the
garage didn’t get cleared out or that rubbish didn’t get taken to the

Or, it may mean that difficult phone call didn’t happen, or that
important piece of work was not completed, or… you get the idea.
Be aware of what you are being distracted from – and why. Then
remember:- Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.




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