Take the opportunity today to write down 5 things you like about your job.


Most people moan about their job. They wish they could win the lottery
so they can quit. They imagine the relief of being able to clear their
desk and walking out the door knowing they don’t have to come back.

Well, today try to think of just 5 things you ‘like’ about your job.
Find just 5 positive things. Maybe there are some colleagues there
that you like. Maybe the hours are convenient for you. Maybe you enjoy
meeting the customers at least. If you put your mind to it I’m sure
you can find at least 5 – probably many more. Once you do you will
feel differently about your work. It’s another way to get in touch
with gratitude, the single quickest way to change your feelings about

Try it and I bet you’ll have a better day at work. 🙂




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