Take the opportunity today to bite your tongue.


Can you remember a time when you said something then wished you
hadn’t? I know I can. I’m quite a challenging person at the best of
times. I hope that for the most part that it’s well intentioned.

However, sometimes it’s not well received. Sometimes the person being
challenged doesn’t want to go through the process. Sometimes they just
want some sympathy and understanding. I’ve hurt people’s feelings in
the past by being more interested in my point of view than their
feelings. Once hurt it’s hard to retract what you’ve said. It will
stay with that person long after you’ve apologised.

So, today, if you get the opportunity to challenge someone – stop!
Take a moment to consider the situation. If you feel that the other
person is just about ready to explode, or burst into tears or storm
out of the room – bite your tongue. Swallow those words you were going
to utter and regurjitate some softer ones.




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