Take the opportunity today to slay one of your Dragons.


Our wardrobes are full of monsters from our childhood which manifest
themselves as Dragons in our waking hours. It might be the Dragon boss
who moans if you’re one minute late. Or it might be your Dragon
neighbour that constantly creates tension over the back fence. Or
maybe it’s your fear Dragon that jumps out on you when you’re about to
do something challenging.

To slay your Dragon you need only to confront it – not with a lance
like St. George! Rather, with an assertive mind or a well chosen word.
Apologise to the boss for being late rather than offering an excuse –
offer to stay five minutes on for every minute you were late. Ask your
neighbour around for coffee, ask them what you might be able to
compromise on so that you can get on better. Most importantly, feel
your fears and do it anyway as Susan Jeffers says in her book of the
same name. It’ll make you stronger.




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