Take the opportunity to kick a habit, starting today!


Every journey they say, starts with a single step. Take that first
step today to kicking a habit you don’t like or you realise doesn’t
help you. Psychological studies have shown that unless you continue
along a course of action for four months you won’t embed that action
as a habit. The hardest part of that process is the first 21 days.
What I have found also is that unless you substitute a bad habit with
a good one, you will actually start a new bad one.

So, if you want to kick smoking for instance, and say you smoke 20 per
day, rather than stopping today and saying ‘that’s it no more
cigarettes ever’, change the habit to smoking one less cigarette per
By the time you get to 21 days you will have actually got down to zero
cigarettes – this is now your habit. Now do that for four months. What
also might help, is every time you fancy a smoke use the time to walk
somewhere (without your cigarettes). Five minutes walking every time
you want to smoke will actually become your good habit.




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